Country Competition "Bright the world in your eyes! "
 Take part in our new photo contest on a social network for parents Country moms. The contest is held in conjunction with Johnson & Johnson, the manufacturer of contact lenses ACUVUE®.

Contact lenses have changed the lives of millions of people. This is not surprising, because the vision - the most important of the five senses with which we have more than 80% of information about the world. When a person with imperfect eyesight begins to wear contact lenses for him as if a whole new world - a huge, bright and endlessly surprising! Did you - one of these people?

Country Mom in partnership with Johnson & Johnson, the manufacturer of contact lenses ACUVUE®, announces photo contest. Send your picture, which depicted a bright, saturated colors of the world, and a comment to the photo - a mini-story about how ACUVUE® lenses help you see this beauty.

10 winners   will be presented here are wonderful beach mats:

 Country Competition "Bright the world in your eyes! "

A three participants, not included in the number of winners (the residents of Moscow and the Moscow region), offers prizes: certificates for free vision test in a store network in Moscow City optician. Also ophthalmologist select your contact lenses ACUVUE®, 2 packages of which you get for free.

Information partners of the competition are the projects of the "MediaFort": women's magazine, women's social network, beauty portal, cooking and needlework portal Povarё Community

The contest "Bright the world in your eyes! " held from July 29 to August 31, 2011 . Acceptance of entries is performed from July 29 to 21 August 2011 inclusive. User voting is held from 22 August to 31 August 2011 inclusive.

Detailed terms and conditions of the competition - here.

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Author: Country moms