Cow's milk - is harmful for babies
 Nutritionists warn that you should not give babies cow's milk, because it is for them - too salty. Cow's milk contains 4 times more salt than in breast milk.

Attention young mothers! Up to 12 months, it is better not to give children cow's milk! For comparison: in breast milk salt content - 15 mg per 100 ml, and in the cow - 55 mg per 100 ml. If the baby will drink about 750 ml of cow's milk a day, then he will receive 385 mg of salt - is almost half of the maximum recommended daily intake of salt for babies up to a year.

In accordance with this, the scientists advise to reduce the amount of salt in other foods for children who drink cow's milk instead of breast.

In general, the consumption of the children too much salt can lead to health problems, according to nutritionists from the University of Bristol, who opened too salty cow's milk formula. A large amount of salt in the diet increases blood pressure, kidney damage.

Scientists advise mothers to feed their children, the breast milk, or special mixtures, but not cow's milk!

Author: Julia Gnedina