Dismissal of gray hair
 52-year-old American Sandra Roulayn, went to court in Texas to his former employer. She claims that she was fired because of the fact that she had gray hair, a little old-fashioned style of jewelry and clothing.

Sandra Roulayn lost place highly paid office manager, because it refused to fulfill the request of his boss. A manager asked ... no more, no less - to look younger. That is to dye your hair, hiding gray hair and wearing a dress youth style. At least, so says Sandra, who asked about the illegal dismissal in court.

With her words, it was like this. In 2009, the chief came up to her and asked her to dye gray hair, wear more jewelry and buy costumes for more youth and fashionable styles. When Sandra did not follow the advice of the boss, exactly one week has been replaced by the employee, who is 10 years younger than Sandra.

In general, the court is going, and a lot of arguments on the one and the other side ... And in connection with this question: What do you do at work are age employees? Do you think there is age discrimination? Do you think you lose your job or age can continue to work and compete with the young? And again, when you as a client (in a shop, travel agency, in a beauty salon), then pay attention to the age of the managers, consultants, administrators, and so on?

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Author: Julia Gnedina