Easy recovery for heels
 This unexpected decision, but it "works". The technology, which will be discussed, it is not a cream or scrub, it's just ... grater heels of The Body Shop. Simple, but not not so simple!

The stores brands on the float are shares and sales, so you can buy them several. And the thing is about 130 rubles. What's so magical?

Grater need to use on dry skin. That is specially prepared for the procedure is not necessary, and wait for the evening stroll is not necessary. Many girls wear a grater with a purse and the other kept in the bathroom.

Summer - time open heels. This means they are constantly gathering dust, dirty, exposed to external influences, gross and weather-beaten. To solve these problems and terochka created by The Body Shop. Walk on the heels several times during the day and you will be surprised that the complexity of the summer with the skin heels resolved.

When I tried this thing, I was struck by that which is mine, is quite well-groomed heels of so much dead skin! It drizzled and drizzled! Since then, I treat my heels every day, no more than 2 minutes before the shower. And I'm happy with my heels! When I use the afternoon, after the float nanoshu moisturizer.

None of pumice soaked on the heels of this can not be achieved! Pumice stone and metal graters used on wet skin in the steamed heel, causing micro-traumas and sometimes contribute to the emergence of painful cracks on the heels.

And now we are all proud of the experience the following details grater from Body Shop. This thing is done in Russia, the company created for that 230 jobs in Western Siberia. Wood is also ours, dear.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina