Jean Paul Gaultier knows that men cry after sex
 Introducing the new men's fragrance from Kokorico Gauthier. We wrote about the upcoming new product, and now the details of the House of Jean Paul Gaultier. Kokorico Men's fragrance will be released in early September 2011. Kokorico - so the French pronounced imitation of the sounds of cock sounding in Russian as "Ku-ka-re-ku." And yet, according to Gauthier, as men cry in the moment of highest pleasure.

The designer for WWD says of the new product: "I wanted to do something new and different from what I was doing before. Something strong, fresh and masculine. "

Fragrance Jean Paul Gaultier Kokorico designed as a powerful antioxidant with a pointed active notes of cocoa and timber. Kokorico - it's a real scream in perfumes, "the cry of the human warrior, a man who has attained the pleasure", as it is characterized by the creators.

The top notes bold composition - a refreshing fig leaf, providing energy. The "heart" of the smell - gray cocoa and patchouli, stimulate desire. And in the base notes - vetiver and cedar, expressing masculinity and virility.

 Jean Paul Gaultier knows that men cry after sex

Black and red, the color of passion and masculine energy - this is the color scheme of the new packaging for the fragrance. The bottle has an interesting sculptural form, on the one hand - this is man's head, and the other - a male figure.

Face flavor - John Kortayarena model.

 Jean Paul Gaultier knows that men cry after sex

The fragrance comes in early autumn, in the form of toilet water in bottles of 50 and 100 ml, accompanied by body products (deodorant, shower gel for the soul, aftershave).

Author: Julia Gnedina