Online Conference "La chance de ma vie"
 Your family life is calm and cloudless? Or are you tired of constant conflicts? Problems piling, and together you can not solve them ... Maybe you just do not have enough understanding of family relationships?

Any of us plagued by questions that ask a loved one is not very convenient. It also happens that the cracks in family life, which has just outlined, you can not only monitor, but also to prevent. To whom would only go to talk heart to heart? To Mom? A neighbor? Girlfriend? Of course, they advise, but it is best to consult a qualified family psychologist.


Especially for you on, c July 18 to August 1, 2011   you can ask questions family psychologist Boris Novoderzhkinu .

Boris Novoderzhkin - a graduate of the Psychology Department of Moscow State University. Lomonosov. Practicing business trainer and counselor since 1986. Russia's first certified teacher of Gestalt therapy, the author of the method of "treatment of diffuse discharge". Online Conference "La chance de ma vie"

TV and radio, led the program:
  - "Goodnight! "On the First Channel,
  - "Straight Talk" and "Free Topic" on TV CGT
  - "Night psychologist" at Radio City-FM,
  - "Night psychological program" on Radio Moscow Speaking.

Since 2001, he performs regularly as a psychologist and family psychologist expert on radio and television, giving interviews and press comments.

Currently conducts counseling couples in the TV show "Say it is not so" on Channel Home.

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