Open letter to the princess Kate Middleton about her makeup
 Makeup artists one of the most authoritative sites on celebrity in a very interesting way tried to dismantle the new makeup of the Duchess of Cambridge England Princess Kettrin writing her "open letter".

Indeed, right now a person of Princess attracts a lot of attention. Kate Middleton Style, by the way, is like the absolute majority and professionals, and ordinary people, but about the make-up in doubt.

Makeup artists site wrote that the main problems are the princess makeup blush and black eyeliner. Moreover, it called style painted horror and shame. So what advice give the princess:

1. Lay off the liner. Such heavy eyeliner suits except for Halloween. For other cases, much less formal receptions and dinners, you need a different style. The mistake is that visible white Kaya, and it makes a very rough liner. If you need eyeliner, you should emphasize the lower eyelid shade on shade lighter than the top. "Black eyeliner is generally too heavy for your fine facial features, Princess" - write makeup artists. They offered chestnut color pencil.

2. Ruddy should not be so keen on. Only one stroke of the brush, no more!

3. "Dear Duchess, give up 90% of the make-up of that for you! "- Authors of the letter appeal. They believe that the princess makeup ages and invites her to go nude makeup.

 Open letter to the princess Kate Middleton about her makeup

And what do you think? Do the authors of the letter are right princess?

Author: Julia Gnedina