Taylor Swift released her fragrance
 21-year-old singer (pop and country), and actress, winner of several music awards and the idol of American youth, has teamed up with Elizabeth Arden brand to create the first own fragrance, whose name «Wonderstruck». Taylor wanted to create a scent that will remind you of love feelings and strong feelings.

The young star said: "I've always liked it when the aroma brings special memories, recalls the events, people, conjures up certain thoughts. His scent, I would like to share with the fans that love means to me. This smell - my personal experience and my experience. "

Representatives of Elizabeth Arden say that the new fragrance will leave its mark in the world of perfumery. As for the fragrance, it is the basis of smell - musk, peach and sandalwood. They continue to heart notes of hibiscus, honeysuckle and vanilla. And in the top notes - freesia, green tea, flowers, apples, raspberries and blackberries.

Unfortunately, European fans of the singer's new product will have to wait a long time. First fragrance «Wonderstruck» appear at the end of September in the United States, as well as in stores in Puerto Rico, Australia and New Zealand. In Europe, the fragrance will come only in the autumn of 2012. Smell (in the form of eau de parfum) will accompany the body products.

 Taylor Swift released her fragrance

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina