Topshop removed the photo too skinny models from its advertising
 Photos Cody Young model on the home page Topshop last week caused a wave of negative comments about the excessive thinness of the model. Mark had to submit to the critics and remove the incorrect picture.

The girl was admitted unhealthy and disproportionate. Some were simply outraged by the published image. For example, Karen Istholl, leader of the movement in support of anorexia, spoke very sharply: "It is outrageous to make such images in 2011. She clearly looks at the zero size. Such a model could provoke potrebitelnits young, who want to be like a model. In Topshop we had to think about it! ".

Interestingly, Karen Istholl is directly related to the problems of anorexia. Her 16-year-old daughter spent four months in hospital, struggling with anorexia. It was after this woman became an ardent fighter against those who promote excessive thinness.

So, Topshop from all sides poured accusations that their model is too thin and it can act destructively on young girls. Mark how could defend their model. They said that Cody Young has the 8th size (this is our 40th) and assured that Young - a young and healthy girl. The very 18-year-old Cody defended in his blog: "I was so all his life. My dad is the same mother, too thin, we all - tall and thin. "

However, public pressure could not hold back. Mark had to be replaced with an incorrect point of view a lot of photos. The girl is no longer removed for Topshop.

 Topshop removed the photo too skinny models from its advertising
Scandalous photos Cody Young

Author: Julia Gnedina