Wine and Grapes protect against sunburn
 No, this is not the recipe for a new protective mask. According to a new study scientists of the University of Barcelona and the Spanish National Research Council, wine and grapes contain a certain chemical that limit cell damage from sun exposure.

As is known, ultraviolet rays are the main cause of skin disorders, including skin cancer, premature aging and skin burns. Spanish scientists have studied the inhabitants of the Mediterranean food and came to the conclusion that, despite the strong sunlight, these people are the least likely exposed to the harmful effects of the sun. And the reason for their protection lies in the grapes and its derivatives, which are a large number of devotees of the Mediterranean diet consume.

It turns out that the flavonoids contained in the grapes can stop the chemical reaction accompanying cell death and damage to the skin. This study should take advantage of the creators of sunscreens say Spanish scientists.

In addition to grapes and wine (especially red), it is worth noting these solar properties of tomatoes and olive oil.

Author: Julia Gnedina