Congratulations Avon 125th anniversary!
 This year for the cosmetics brand Avon, is very popular among Russians - the anniversary. The company celebrates 125 years. It seems, birthday Avon - a good occasion to once again remember about the success of the brand.

Did you know that the directory Avon - the most widely read publication in the world? Avon - one of the few companies that is easy enough to tolerate times of crisis. Currently, the company employs 6, 5 million independent representatives all over the world, and customers - over 300 million in more than 100 countries.

Results Avon cosmetics sales hit constantly. Now every second around the world sold four lipsticks and two mascaras. And it is hard to believe that the company began with a simple line of five floral fragrances.

The brand was created in 1886 by David H.Makkonellom as the California Perfume Company (a company producing scents), but soon the brand has undergone a rebranding and turned into Avon.

 Congratulations Avon 125th anniversary!
Posters Avon in 1959 and 1957. At that time, representatives of Avon became the first work in the US

Avon has provided many women's financial independence through the sales organization through representatives. And this privilege of the ladies appeared even before the opportunity to vote!

 Congratulations Avon 125th anniversary!
  Advertising campaigns of the brand in 1966 and 1967

The company is proud to be given additional opportunities to a whole generation of women.

 Congratulations Avon 125th anniversary!
  Advertising campaigns of the brand in 1967 and 1978

Mark has always been in step with the times. Avon continues to invest in developing new products and improving existing ones. Each year more than 1,000 new products developed! The new generation of clients and attracting new advertising face.

 Congratulations Avon 125th anniversary!
Face Avon Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon, singer Fergie has created, in collaboration with Avon debut fragrance

Happy anniversary!

Author: Julia Gnedina