How to eat in the restaurant and did not recover
 How nice summer dinner with a friend or girlfriend on a summer porch favorite cafe! And how many interesting dishes and will try new restaurants to open yourself, if you're going on vacation! That is the only problem - the food in the restaurant should not change your principles of healthy eating!

Andrea Orbek one expert nutrition and fitness instructors offers the Ten Commandments, how to eat at restaurants. We showed it interesting tips:

1. Choose dishes that are prepared grilled, steamed, baked, but not roasted, in which many oil and unhealthy fats.

2. Control your portions. For example, for optimal serving of meat the size of a deck of cards or a bar of soap, for the fish - the size of a checkbook.

3. Ask that sauces and dressings served separately, then you can control exactly how much eat.

4. When ordering, ask for brown rice sushi.

5. Always ask to replace potatoes and bread in a bowl of vegetables, many restaurants as possible.

6. Requests submitted after the bread salad, then you just do not eat a lot of bread.

7. If you order pasta dishes or junk food, just ask for half portions to wrap you with. You'll see, you'll be half enough.

 How to eat in the restaurant and did not recover
   8. During the meal, drink lemon water (lemon juice plus water plus ice), it will help burn extra calories.

9. Watch out for meals and alcohol. No matter what you drink beer, wine or spirits - it is always very rich in calories, alcohol contains nearly twice as much as carbohydrates and proteins than the usual drinks, and is seven calories per gram.

10. Look at how the dishes are named. Often there are words in the title, pointing to a large calorie or fat content. For example, such as "creamy", "breaded", "crisp", "fried", etc., in such dishes many harmful fat and high salt. If you are preparing for a trip abroad and visiting the restaurant there, here are some English words in the names of dishes, from which warns expert Andrea Orbek: deep-fried, pan-fried, basted, batter-dipped, breaded, creamy, crispy, scalloped, alfredo , au gratin.

Author: Julia Gnedina