New collection of umbrellas: There is no bad weather!
 In a cloudy rainy day, when everything seems so dull and gray, even the mood is to match the weather. You can indulge in not only bright scarf and boots, but also extravagant umbrella with fiery butterflies or colorful parrots. Stylish, elegant, youth, children - Beauty Club has several brands with collections of umbrellas to suit every taste.

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Perletti - a world famous brand that produces umbrellas for adults and children. During its existence, the firm has managed to establish itself as a producer of high-quality and functional umbrellas for adults and colorful umbrellas with favorite cartoon characters for children.

Young Italian firm Stilla SRL presents to its customers a collection of unusual umbrellas with whimsical patterns, bright colors and loose leaves. Quality and unmatched design parasols Stilla SRL appreciated by thousands of people around the world.

Ferre brand recently launched its line of magnificent umbrella and almost immediately attracted the attention of buyers. Convenience, quality, beauty - all that distinguishes Ferre from other brands, specializing in accessories.

The collection of parasols Chantal Tomass emphasis on extravagant and unusual. The original dome shape, decoration of guipure, unusual colors, prints in the form of pictures and patterns lift your mood even in the cloudy weather and the views will attract passers-by.

The fashion house Jean-Paul Gaultier is striking for its unusual design solutions. On the dome umbrellas flying fiery butterflies, exotic flowers bloom sits a couple of parrots. But not only the beauty helps umbrella Jean-Paul Gaultier to remain popular, but comfortable grip-hook, and simplicity of operation.

With umbrellas brand Jean-Paul Gaultier, Chantal Tomass, Ferre, Stilla SRL, Perletti - rainy weather you will be just a joy!

Author: Beauty Club