Not compatible with all cosmetics sunlight
 Did you know that the harmful effects of the sun - is not only UV light, which affects the skin? Cosmetologists say that our daily routine make-up and perfumes may even under the influence of destructive influence of the sun.

Also allergies to the sun's rays themselves (photodermatitis), allergic reaction in the skin, and possible interaction of sunlight with cosmetics or fragrances. Your usual perfume under the sun can be destroyed, and the decomposition products can cause allergic reactions. That is why dermatologists recommend not to use perfume on the beach. Even sunscreen that you can apply after the perfume, not save.

Furthermore, it is noted that the perfume, if not cause an allergic reaction, then the sunlight increases the sensitivity of the skin.

Also, there are a few caveats about the compatibility of cosmetics and sun. Never go out in the sun after a microdermabrasion or peeling of the skin. Many antibiotics also increase the skin's sensitivity to the sun, even the usual painkillers such as folk remedies, or of St. John's wort.

Retinoids are not compatible with the sun. Therefore, creams with retinol use a hot summer night as the means.

After the laser treatment or laser cosmetic procedures are not recommended to stay in the sun, otherwise the skin in areas of laser exposure may darken. After the laser rays of the sun under a ban for at least a month!

Author: Julia Gnedina