Your most romantic date with Camay Romantique by
 The charm of romance is composed of many parts - shine your eyes, seductive silhouette, graceful gestures, and, of course, the gentle fragrance and softness of your skin. A new collection of funds for skin care Romantique - an ode to tenderness and romance of Camay.

Collection Romantique   designed for a woman who believes in the romance of the senses. Beauty muse for the collection Romantique   by Camay - is primarily an opportunity to plunge into the sweet romantic dreams, treat yourself and enjoy fine things, captivating aromas. Fragrant, delicate means of collection Romantique   by Camay for her - this is the secret tool that helps captivate every man his perfect feature again and again in his adoring yourself, opening it in a new way.

Rose de Bagatelle - this is one of the most beautiful varieties of roses that has a delicate, enchanting aroma. These flowers have been known to preserve its splendor and brightness of colors endlessly, until the flowering. They are fragile and delicate aroma evokes memories of fabulous novels unforgettable romantic date, the long nocturnal walks. That is why Rose de Bagatelle cvoim fragrance inspired perfumers to create compositions for the collection of funds Romantique   of Camay.

 Your most romantic date with Camay Romantique by

The collection Romantique   includes body lotion, shower gel and scented soap. Excellent flavor Roses de Bagatelle envelops you, bringing to mind while taking a shower, and a light trail of scent that radiates your skin will madden and captivate men for many hours.

Thanks to the collection of funds Romantique   Camay from every man becomes a true romantic, captivated by your charm.

Samay. Captivates every feature.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila