Alsou is lipstick "Magic Colors" from Oriflame
 The talented singer and style icon, charming Alsou is a magical new product catalog pages Oriflame - Lipstick "Magic Colors". Believe in the magic of the colors and feel her touch on his lips!

"The magic of color" - a magical combination of variety of shades, resistant coating, soft texture and look of the formula. 25 fashionable colors - like a luxurious palette of roses where every girl find the perfect color for you. After all, when you create new items experts took into account differences in the types of appearance, especially skin tones, eye color and hair. For convenience, selection of colors divided into four color groups: pink and plum, coral, red and beige-brown.

Special pigments in the formula of lipstick colors make it alive, intense and more resistant, allowing less makeup updated throughout the day. Creamy texture easily applied and falls even layer, leaving lips feeling comfortable and giving them alluring tenderness rose petals. Part of the Lipstick "Magic Colors" unique ingredient - extract of the famous goji berries with outstanding antioxidant and nourishing properties, protects the delicate skin of the lips, and avocado oil and jojoba oil to moisturize and restore it. Fascinating color - as if by magic!

 Alsou is lipstick "Magic Colors" from Oriflame

Alsou "I always think carefully about their performances. I love a good light on the stage and in the scenery try to use bright colors and interesting colors. My stage outfit and make-up - an integral part of the presentation, and color of the lips, I pay attention. Gorgeous shades of lipstick "Magic color" perfectly complement my style and reveal new facets of my way. After all, I'm a woman, and so I love to play with color! Lipstick "Magic Colors" as sincere and profound song amazingly accurately conveys my mood any. " Alsou uses lipstick "Magic Colors" Purple Violet hue.

 Alsou is lipstick "Magic Colors" from Oriflame
 Lipstick "Magic Colors"
The real miracle of color! Excellent resistant shades, soft creamy texture, mild caring formula - you will not want to part with them for a minute! Goji berry extract, avocado oil and jojoba oil to moisturize and protect the skin, making your smile a sweet and captivating. Represented in 25 unique colors. 4 years

Price: 250 rubles.
On sale from June 6, 2011.

Author: Julia Gnedina