Diesel will release a fragrance-aphrodisiac
 Since September, the famous jeans brand new fragrance delight Loverdose. The smell will contain molecules that stimulate the hypothalamus part of the brain responsible for sexual arousal. The fragrance aims to become a deadly weapon of seduction and spark an unprecedented passion.

Fragrance for Women Diesel Loverdose advertised as flowers and spices. Opens the smell of anise and tangerine. The "heart" - jasmine, gardenia, licorice (known aphrodisiac). Base - oriental with warm notes of vanilla, amber and woody notes.

The design of the bottle in the form of heart, stylized faceted gem, and painting in purple added sensuality and passion.

The face of the fragrance Diesel Loverdose become young model Ashley Smith. The fragrance will be available in September 2011 as an Eau de Parfum (35, 50 and 75 ml).

 Diesel will release a fragrance-aphrodisiac

Author: Julia Gnedina