HOBBY WORLD project is the first Moscow specialized exhibition of embroidery MAGIC STITCH
 from 21 to 24 April 2011, Moscow, «AMBER PLAZA»
st. Krasnoproletarskaya 36 (3 minutes walk from the Metro Novoslobodskaya)

Partner of the exhibition the State Russian House of Folk Arts

Premiere Spring - an art project STITCH MAGIC   - Conceived as a visual dialogue with the audience, where the centuries-old history of embroidery is reflected in the variety of projects, broken down into the facts and the persons through lectures and workshops.

We priglacili recognized masters in the project, manufacturers of equipment and accessories for embroidery, handicraft shops and showrooms, galleries and exhibition centers, professional associations and schools of needlework.

Each participant, building together with the organizers of the creative and business line exhibitions, contributes the bulk and full disclosure of embroidery threads and ready to prove in practice that specialized in business and in the arts - this is an important factor in business success.

Embroidery: language semantic expression or decorative craft, homemade crafts or a work of high art? Determine the place of this phenomenon in the modern world and is designed to show

And the most important thing, MAGIC STITCH   - A celebration of creativity and beauty.

The exhibition includes the following sections:

• Stitch-market - the latest market trends embroidery
• Stitch-industry - the presentation and demonstration of the achievements of the companies operating in the sector of products for needlework
• Stitch-show - the show of selected works from the best artists of embroidery
• Stitch-school - master classes from masters of international level

 HOBBY WORLD project is the first Moscow specialized exhibition of embroidery MAGIC STITCH
Embroidery "The Lake House"

In the exhibition program:

- The museum exhibition - special project "Embroidery History"
- Master classes by the leading masters
- Lectures by experts on the history of embroidery
- Sale of goods for embroidery
- Demonstration of new products
- Official award winners
- Entertainment programs for visitors
- Daily contests, sweepstakes, raffles
- The charitable program
- Playground

The exhibition will be a meeting place, both professionals and amateurs embroidery. HOBBY WORLD at the exhibition MAGIC STITCH   provide comprehensive information on all aspects of the industry of goods and services for embroidery: manufacturers of equipment and consumables, the best world and domestic brands, market trends, master classes by leading artists, training courses, etc.

The audience of the exhibition comprise not only the lovers of embroidery, but also industry professionals: owners and managers of companies in the industry of goods and services for the crafts, the owners and workers of the online shops and online portals embroidery, teachers of schools and colleges, representatives of the media and publishing houses for needlework, employees galleries, designers and private master.

Exhibitors - Company industry products for hobby and creativity:
- Manufacturers of equipment and accessories for embroidery
- Wholesale Company
- Wholesale and production companies
- Retailers, shops and salons crafts
- Internet shops
- ID and media handmade category
- Galleries and exhibition centers
- Clubs, associations, unions
- Training centers, courses and school crafts
- Workshops and studios
- Designers and craftsmen

Author: Julia Gnedina