Oriflame is a line in the air "Swedish SPA salon"
 Breathe clean and fresh. Dive into a relaxing bath. Awaken the body's energy for a refreshing shower. Feel the skin clean and cool air. Treat yourself to fun and moisturizing care with a renewed series of body "Swedish SPA salon".

Series "Swedish SPA salon"   from Oriflame - a four-line, reducing the effect of uniting the complex natural Hydracare + with the power of the four elements: fire, water, earth and air.

Air - a transparent ease, giving pure inspiration. Means of the new series "Swedish SPA salon"   under the sign of air contains essential peppermint oil That refreshes the body and removes toxins and contained therein menthol soothes the skin, leaving a pleasant sensation of coolness.

 Oriflame is a line in the air "Swedish SPA salon"

SPA-care for the body to help restore balance and relax, you will feel the purity and vigor, feel the rush of freshness. The three vehicles - a relaxing bath salts, refreshing shower gel and moisturizing cream soufflé "Swedish SPA salon"   designed as stages of a single program. Using them consistently, you will easily achieve the desired effect and positive emotions.

Air Line Series "Swedish SPA salon"   funds are:

 Oriflame is a line in the air "Swedish SPA salon"
 Relaxing bath salts "Swedish SPA salon"
Detoxifies and relaxes
Bath with aromatic crystals give a moment of pleasure and relaxation. Contains softening complex Hydracare +, soothing mint extract and mineral salts from the Dead Sea, relieves stress and produce a detox effect. 250 g
Price: 270 rubles.

 Oriflame is a line in the air "Swedish SPA salon"
 A refreshing shower gel "Swedish SPA salon"
It cleans and awakens energy
Refreshing Gel helps to awaken the energy of the body and cleanse the skin during a shower. It contains softening complex Hydracare +, toning mint oil and microspheres with moisturizing jojoba oil and grape seed. 200 ml
Price: 260 rubles.

 Oriflame is a line in the air "Swedish SPA salon"
 Moisturizing Cream Souffle Body "Swedish SPA salon"
It softens and smoothes the skin
Air cream gives the skin a silky smoothness. Luxury formula contains moisturizing complex Hydracare + and refreshing mint extract. The light non-sticky texture is quickly absorbed. 200 ml
Price: 260 rubles.

Series "Swedish SPA salon"   on sale from 25 April 2011.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Lavrushina Lyudmila