"Owls" eat more than "larks"
 A team of scientists from Northwestern University (USA) conducted a survey, according to which people who are late to go to consume more calories and can quickly overweight than those who prefer to go to bed early.

The study involved 52 people whose average age was 30 years. 23 participants were "owls": go to bed late at night and get up at about 11 am. The rest went to about 12 at night and get up at about 8 am. The authors observed the fact when, what and how much to eat study participants.

"Owls" average consume 248 calories more per day than "larks". Moreover, most of the "extra" calories are consumed after 8pm. According to scientists, the result of such a diet, "Owl" may be a year to gain extra 10 kilograms. But the problem is not only how much to eat, those who later falls, but in what they eat. According to the study authors, "owl" eating 2 times more fast food and drank a lot of high-calorie soft drinks.

One of the authors of the study, Dr. Phyllis Zee advises to sleep at night and not have to avoid a problem with the weight and health.

Author: Julia Gnedina