Competition for «Gift of a man"
 Gifts, gifts ... Subject podarochki constantly occurs in articles and blogs. Actually, this topic is relevant, because the gifts - it is responsible. Why is that? Present - it is our relationship to the person and the situation, and just "something now buy" - is unsportsmanlike and offends the person to whom we want to make a gift.

And especially the problems begin when the gifts are given opposite sex. For example, men, knocking, trying to understand: "And what will enjoy their favorite? "Not less affected and the ladies, choosing gifts your male half. It's not that simple. One - a stylish man having fun caring for themselves. He is fine hair, perfume, beautiful and stylish and creative clothes, another it's deep purple - it would be more like a gift related to a hobby, and a third said present only good booze (maybe this you do not need, eh?). It would seem that it is easier - to ask, and no problems! No, here, too, there is some problem because you want to make a surprise, so much so that both the gift liked, and feet was not lost in the general ... poser.

So, we offer our beautiful ladies "get into the skin" of their loved ones. How? And like this! Try to write on their behalf, which they would like to receive a gift.

So, and Remington brand offering a new contest: "Present man"!

The winners will receive gifts from brand Remington   for your favorite!

Author history, first place winner will be able to give to his beloved Stylish hair dryer Remington D2011 Luxe Compact.

 Competition for «Gift of a man"

Compact and powerful hair dryer Remington D2011 Luxe Compact quickly dry and stacked hair. Power 2000W, ionization, removable rear grille, 3 heat and 2 speed settings. Function blowing cold air, 2 different hub cone, comfortable 3 m cord.

The prize for second place: hair clipper NS5750 from Remington.

 Competition for «Gift of a man"

New powerful machine for hair NS5750 by Remington Maverick combines 2 functions at once - a feature shave and haircut. Through various nozzles man at home can freshen up with a single device, not wasting time on the trip to the hairdresser. This machine is made taking into account all the needs of fashionistas brutal: special attachment that allows you to make the effect of the three-day stubble trim will help you to look stylish and neat; fast cleaning button for ease of use under running water as well save your time. This is exactly what you need, because the most fashionable so little free time.

The prize for the third place: Clipper NS5350 from Remington.

 Competition for «Gift of a man"

Hair clipper now firmly entered into the everyday life as an indispensable articles for the hair care for men. Machines for hair, produced by the world famous company Remington - ideal for the formation of a unique style and the selected image. Typewriter NS5350 by Remington would achieve certain effects by adjusting the length of the blades. Easy to obtain the desired result, modern design and a corresponding price - three conditions for the success of this model.

And more about the conditions of the contest can be found here:

Author: Natalia Room