Daily care Esthe GAGA
 Japanese cosmetics «Esthe Gaga» for the first time on the Russian market a new drug - the essence of «Due Essence». Concentrate intensely moisturizes the skin, has a whitening and lifting effect.

Thanks to a balanced set of natural plant and animal extracts, essences Due Essence nourishes and deeply moisturizes the skin, forming on the surface an invisible film, similar to the epidermis. Due Essence Essence is suitable for use in beauty salons (Estheticians usually used for final preparation procedures), and for daily use at home.

Concentrate «Due Essence», which is translated as "essential essence", is designed to protect your skin from the effects of an unfavorable environment: designed to protect the skin from exposure to harsh environments: cold windy weather, a heated room, hot sun and other factors deprive epidermis moisture round year, resulting unprotected skin to premature formation of wrinkles. In winter, the skin is most prone to stress fades, begins to peel off, and it needs special care. The new drug has a protective effect, protecting the skin from harmful external factors. Composition «Due Essence» includes water, glycerol, trehalose, hydrolyzed collagen, placenta extract (swine), gentian extract, basil extract of perilla and soybean extract that nourish the skin protects the skin in stressful situations.

 Daily care Esthe GAGA
   Gentian root extract tones, moisturizes and normalizes microflora, reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands. Squeeze perilla leaves nourishes the skin, protecting it from free radicals and brightens. Concentrate pig placenta normalizes the acid-alkaline balance, reduces stress and has a rejuvenating effect, nourishing the skin with essential vitamins and amino acids. Due Essence Essence is easy to use: with the help of 2-3 clicks per vial, you get the required rate of the drug. By marking it in the morning, his face shining health day. If you have problem areas need to reapplication. Due to extract of soy and trehalose, stimulates collagen synthesis, essence Due Essence is able to protect the skin even after washing. After the first treatment improves the complexion, the skin becomes fresh, soft and healthy.

Due Essence Essence developed cosmetic line «Esthe GAGA» .  Mark focused on the domestic market in Japan and produced since 1957 .  Today «Esthe GAGA» occupies one of leading places among the professional tools in beauty salons in Japan .  Cosmetic line «Esthe GAGA» is widely used in hardware cosmetology .  Thanks to the deep penetration, based cosmetics «Esthe GAGA», you can develop additional procedures to improve the skin condition of any client .  The absence of antibiotics, hormones, strong smells, as well as hypoallergenic cosmetics «Esthe GAGA», is not only suitable for self-use, but also for the procedures, so this line is highly demanded by masseurs - beauticians .  The main competitive advantage is the quality of the cosmetic line of products and its effectiveness .  Already after the first treatment, the skin is markedly improved, thereby positioning for re-use .  Cosmetics made exclusively from natural ingredients from animals and plants that are processed by the latest technology and are completely safe .

Author: Julia Gnedina