From winter to summer: how dangerous winter holidays in hot countries
 One of the best ways to get rid of the winter blues - go on vacation to a warmer climate. White beaches beckon and Russians are tired of the eternal associates of winter: sleepiness, fatigue, apathy. All because of a lack of sunlight, which has a negative impact on health.

Warm sunshine, beautiful sea quickly help to cope with a bad mood. But in such moments do not forget about safety precautions: a sharp increase in exposure to ultraviolet rays can trigger the occurrence of skin rash, as well as contributes to the development of various malignancies, in particular breast cancer.

Galina Korzhenkova, MD, oncologist, a senior researcher at the Russian Cancer Research Center. Blokhin, an expert Donation Program Avon ¬ęTogether Against Breast Cancer" Commented: "The gray and gloomy weather negatively affects the mood of the Russians. Therefore, it is natural to want to fly away in the hot edge to recharge the sun, sunbathe and swim. There is nothing wrong with that, but we need to know when to stop. It is necessary to comply with all known rules: the morning sun can be up to 10 in the morning and in the afternoon - after 16.00. Light-skinned girls should be especially careful not to go out in the sun during peak hours. "

It is especially important to remember that mammologists categorically prohibit all women sunbathing "topless." Gentle breast skin is particularly vulnerable to sunburn, which can cause internal changes in breast tissue.

Author: Julia Gnedina