In memory of Liz Taylor
 Bowing to the beauty and talent of this woman, we can not forget about her contribution to the beauty industry. And we celebrate Elizabeth Taylor not only as a "style icon" of his time, and as the woman who brought the make-up in new styles, but also as a person, which gave the world perhaps, the best fragrances in the history of perfumery from celebrities.

Elizabeth Taylor - is not the first star who decided to release their flavors. But it is - the most successful in this business, it definitely. Her debut scent appeared in 1987, was called the «Passion» (passion), and at that moment became a bestseller in the perfume world. In 1991, there was a smell of Liz Taylor «White Diamonds» (white diamonds), and it remains one of the most popular among women all over the world to this day.

Critics call the flavors of the whole Taylor fragrance empire. And as in every empire, from aromas of the great actresses have their legends.

- When she created «Passion», he told the reporters that he felt "crazy chemist." "I always risks - said Taylor while working on the fragrance - Fragrances - this is what I really love to play and lyuboyu mix."

- Malcolm Forbes gave Elizabeth painted purple Harley Davidson (violet - shade fragrance bottle «Passion») logo «Passion».

- Presentation of the flavor «Passion» in the department store Marshall Field still recall witnesses. It was arranged a real fountain of champagne, colored in purple. And the first 250 customers who have paid for 1 ounce of $ 200 new items (1 ounce - about 30 ml), were invited to tea later with Elizabeth.

 In memory of Liz Taylor

- Immediately after the launch of the fragrance «Passion» on Taylor sued perfume brand Annick Goutal, who also was at the time the smell of «Passion». According to the court Taylor flavors were removed from sale in the 55-and stores.

- The presentation of aroma «Passion» in the famous Macy's department store in New York City, Elizabeth met a crowd of 7,000 people. And when the quartet of pipes played "The Rake's Progress" by Stravinsky, she entered the shop.

- Presentation of the flavor Taylor «Passion» lasted almost two years. During this time, various surveys and study audience marketers spent more than $ 250 000. And the results are stunning - each of those surveyed in America knew who this Elizabeth Taylor.

- Ex-partner of Taylor Henry Weinberg filed a lawsuit against Elizabeth, claiming that he came up with this fragrance «Passion». After 4 years of litigation, the case was dismissed in court.

- The second fragrance actress «White Diamonds» remains a bestseller for 20 years after its premiere. Its sales even more successful fragrances from modern 'icons' - Jennifer Lopez and Sarah Jessica Parker.

 In memory of Liz Taylor

- Biography of actress Alexander Walker claims that Elizabeth was trying to teach a parrot to say the phrase «White Diamonds», to include this phrase in commercials. But it did not work at it.

- In advertising aroma «White Diamonds» it spent $ 20 million. In 1991, when the smell came out, Liz starred in his own television commercial. It lasted 2 minutes and 45 seconds. But on TV there was only the abridged version.

- Very many times when faced with diseases, Elizabeth during the promotional tour for «White Diamonds» every opportunity to draw attention to the problems of AIDS and to support the sick people.

- Last year, Liz released fragrance «Violet Eyes», came up with the name of her fans is following her blog on Twitter. The actress wanted to call the smell of «Follow Me», but voting for Twitter fans Taylor persuaded to give the name of the new fragrance «Violet Eyes». Her admirers associate the color purple with great Liz.

 In memory of Liz Taylor

Author: Julia Gnedina