Oriflame takes direct sales to a new level
 Oriflame progressive not only in research and development of cosmetic products, it introduces advanced technology in all areas of business. In 2011, a new era begins for the Oriflame Consultants: The company is the first in the industry specific applications for the iPad and iPhone, addressed to professionals and fans of the direct sales of cosmetics Oriflame.

The digital era has come! This can make sure every owner of a modern personal device, such as iPhone or iPad. With their help the residents of big cities conducting online most of his life, learn and communicate in social networks, and purchases are made in shops. By the way, the fourth place among the goods purchased via the Internet, takes cosmetics.

Especially for Oriflame consultants developed a modern business applications for the iPhone and iPhone Whose main purpose - to make easier the work of consultants. Also, applications are designed and to those who, not being a consultant, I would like to see the latest catalog, select the appropriate cosmetic products, learn more about business opportunities and to plunge into the wonderful world of Oriflame in one touch. Now, with applications for the iPhone and two applications for iPad Oriflame catalog and presentation of business opportunities available to all companies in any place and at any time. With these developments, the direct selling industry really goes to a whole new level!

Michael Cervelló, senior vice president of direct sales Oriflame: "We once again demonstrated its leading position in the industry and commitment to the latest technologies in the provision of better service to customers and consultants. This is just the first step in this area, and we plan to expand and develop by the application " .

 Oriflame takes direct sales to a new level

IPhone application   from Oriflame - a modern and powerful tool that leverages the power of the Internet at 100%. This application allows you to view the current directory Oriflame and get detailed information about the products that you can immediately order online - directly from the iPhone or iPad. And it is a personal business assistant for those who build a business and make money with Oriflame. In today's business application implemented access to the most important information on sales and growth patterns, personal statistics and statistics group. A new iPhone application   by Oriflame - an excellent opportunity for business development using the latest technology! The application for the iPhone from Oriflame is available for download in the iTunes AppStore.

Appendix "Business opportunities" for iPad   specially designed for Oriflame consultants, who can now manage your business anywhere, anytime. With the new application, they can easily demonstrate the advantages to the iPad business opportunities Oriflame and invite newcomers to the business, immediately registering them in the company. Initially, the application is only available for the Oriflame Consultants.

Beauty app for iPad   It offers instant access to the world of beauty. One click to find out about the latest news Oriflame, new products, money saving offers and useful cosmetic advice. The initial version of the application is identical to the printed catalog to make the transition to digital format more smooth for consultants who use the directory as a sales tool. Beauty app for iPad from Oriflame is available for download in the iTunes AppStore.

Michael Cervelló: "The launch of these applications is a big step forward in cooperation with its Oriflame consultants and customers worldwide. These handy helpers provide instant access to the latest news of the company. Since February 2011 applications will be available to all users of the Russian-speaking countries of the CIS (Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia). And that's just the beginning! Over the next few months, the application will be launched in Europe and the Middle East region and presented in 33 languages ​​" .

Author: MyCharm.ru: Lavrushina Lyudmila