Competition: "We network and helps to build and live"
 Women's social network and the company together myJulia Defender invites all visitors of the site to take part in competition "We network and helps to build and live" . We offer the wearer to share their success and use of the Internet to offer readers tips on how to use the global network to excel in a particular area of ​​life.

Hardly anyone would argue with the fact that the Internet has entered our lives. The difference is that some aimless, boredom roam the page, while others derive from a global network of tangible benefits: arranged an interesting and profitable operation, remote learning, find a mate who successfully lose weight, make friends, find a fascinating hobby.

Take part in competition "We network and helps to build and live"   registered users can women's social network myJulia, which in the period from 1 to 31 March 2011 will write an article on the topic of beneficial use of the Internet in one of the areas of life and their own place it under "Articles"   in the competitive category "We network and helps to build and live" .

10 participants Whose article on the opinion of the jury, will be recognized as the best will receive from the company for the Defender webcam G-lens 2552 .

 Competition: "We network and helps to build and live"

Defender G-lens 2552 - a stylish webcam with a trendy design and excellent technical characteristics. Five-layer glass lens provides exceptional picture clarity, and built-in microphone - sound quality. Defender G-lens 2552 is ideal for home and office video conferencing, as the device can be used to fashion video blogging - record videos and share them on your own channel And with the help of special software, which is included in the package, you can take pictures and add to them a variety of special effects, frames and more.

Prizes are delivered to the winners residing in the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries.

Detailed rules for the contest is available here:

Good luck!