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About how in anticipation of the beach season to effectively improve your appearance, avoiding the feeling of hunger, says a nutritionist, cardiologist, general practitioner, sports physician, NLP Master, a cognitive therapist, founder of the "Clinic Doctor of ions" Lydia L. Ionov.

The doctor of sports medicine and rehabilitation Eugene Kadlubinsky answers questions on the strategy of slow weight loss without breaking the functional parameters on the back of improved overall health. Where to start preparations for weight loss? On what should be abandoned during a diet for weight loss? What foods should be emphasized during the diet? How many times a day to eat? Get answers to the consultation on

Summer - the long-awaited time for many recreational inseparable. In summer, once hurt, but, right now, during the opening of the swimming season, drafts from open windows and air-conditioners aggression, we lie in wait for colds and flu. Our expert, Tatyana Borisovna Sentsova, MD, Professor, Head of the Laboratory of Clinical Biochemistry, Immunology and Virology Institute of Nutrition, will tell you about the methods of strengthening and supporting the immune status.

Catherine Mirimanova, journalist, writer, author own technique of losing weight and improving the "Minus 60"; wife, mother; Women who have a difficult path from 120 to 60 kilograms and became the idol of compatriots; author of "The system of minus 60, or My magic weight loss", "Minus 60 problem, or Secrets of the sorceress," and "positive weight loss. The most important secret to success ", as well as a very friendly and pleasant companion, ready to answer questions from users of the social network The authors of the three best questions will receive gifts from the publishing house "Eksmo", which publishes books Catherine Mirimanova! The article, written by Catherine Mirimanova answers to users' questions, will be released on our site June 5, 2011. At the same time will be announced and the authors of the best questions. We wish you inspiration and good luck!