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 Xenia Kutepova family atmosphere. Body ballet. Everything will be fine! "I come back here! "Stars on hobbies. Preparing for the christening. Orthodox Academy of spiritual culture in the name of St. Seraphim of Sarov. Useful things Alice Grebenschikova. Why do children need a dad. Empathize, to live better.

The family atmosphere Xenia Kutepova
Lyubov Orlova and many other well-known actress deliberately refused to have children, saying that the acting profession and the children are not compatible. Actress Theater Workshop of Peter Fomenko, Xenia Kutepov successful in theater and in film, and in my personal life. In the family, Xenia and her husband, film director Sergei Osip'yan, growing up two children - eight-year and five-year Bob Lida.

Ballet Body: All to the machine!
If you are a child dreamed of becoming a ballerina, but never realized his dream in real life - in a hurry in the World Class Lady's! Today, the program of a fitness club, a new direction, based on the movements of classical ballet - ballet body.

Everything will be fine!
This hospital first opened its doors in 1977. Now next door to him, new neighborhoods, home to such diverse young families, united by one thing: for the birth of their children they choose is a maternity hospital number 3.

  "I come back here! "
Today's statement - unusual. Although, if only because it is not removed in a familiar environment: the family is together, kulechek small arms, colorful bouquets, happy and confused faces of his family. All this will be necessary, but some time later. All these young women united by one thing: recently they have become mothers and happy and proud to share their new happiness with all our readers.

Stars of hobbies
For some reason, assumed that a hobby - it's a privilege adults, self-sufficient people, as a child, for whatever reason, constant enthusiasm can not be. This is only partly true, because many children's games and then turn into a serious hobby, and perhaps even the business of life. About their hobbies and about whether children hobby, we were told stellar parents.

Preparing for christening
In the modern Russian Orthodox traditions alive. Therefore, in many families, the most important holiday after the birth of a child becoming a christening. Sacrament of Baptism - is very touching, beautiful and solemn ceremony, so you need to prepare for it in advance. In addition to selecting the temple, the date of the holiday, godparents must purchase and christening supplies. After the Day of spiritual birth baby clothes must be elegant and festive.

Orthodox Academy of spiritual culture in the name of St. Seraphim of Sarov
In our country, educational institutions, where in addition to the basic program subjects are taught theological cycle, very little. Contrary to popular belief, the walls of these schools and high schools are located not only future priests, but also specialists of various profiles. Teachers Orthodox Lyceum of Spiritual Culture is considered his main task training internally rich and diverse people who in the future will choose for themselves the profession that it is really interesting and necessary.

Mother's Helpers
Useful things Alice Grebenschikova

Necessary and popular theater and film actress, co-host of the program "I want to know," Alice Grebenshchikov rarely visited by secular parties and prefers to live outside the city, away from the bustle of the city. She manages everything - work, to educate nearly three years old son Alyosha without the help of nannies and simply look great. Alisa gladly told our magazine about the things that help her in taking care of little restless.

Morocco - a kingdom of taste
Moroccan cuisine is one of the most famous in the world. It organically combines African exoticism and traditions of Arab and French cooking. In Moscow high-rise building on the waterfront Tinkers gourmets offered to taste a great couscous, Briouats, unusual bstellu, traditional soup Hariri, and of course, delicious sweets and kids - enjoy a specially designed children's menu.

Why do children need a dad
Mom can earn great money, be smart, generous and responsible, this may be the ideal, and even be able to play football. But my mother could not one - to be a father, whose presence is essential for the correct development of both boys and girls.

Empathize to live better
Five children - not the limit. On the amazing family Potaynovyh in which four children, the eldest of whom 8 years. Of these, two twins, and my mother expects the fifth!

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Author: Julia Gnedina