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Masha Tsigal: five years of motherhood
Masha Tsigal listed as the best Russian designers. However, this bright woman - much more than just the actual designer, secular character and a frequenter of the metropolitan parties. For more than 5 years in the role of Masha improving mother and pleasure to learn the basics of a new art form for himself - motherhood. We were able to communicate with Masha, her husband Nikita Nagibin stylist and little son Arseny. It is not surprising that our meeting was held in one of the most fashionable places in the capital, where every thing breathes and designer chic.

Stretching: The Struggle for flexibility
Stretching - a system of exercises for flexibility and mobility in joints and muscles. Regular performance of these exercises will help your muscles recover faster after stress and prevent painful stretching. The joints become more mobile, the muscles get more oxygen and "learn to" relax. These skills are very useful for women during childbirth.

"Look, what a kid! "
Back in 1975 Korolyov was just a suburban town. It was then that here and opened a maternity hospital, which began to come from neighboring areas. Today, Queens - one of the closest suburbs of the capital. And in the hospital in full swing all the same life as 30 years ago: approaching "ambulance cars" are slowly selected women with big bellies, somewhere a loud demanding baby cry, near the Discharge crowd latter-day pope with bouquets in arms and bewildered smiles on their faces ...

  Rest in camp
Memories of summer vacation in early childhood many of us relate to travel in the summer camp. Carefree vacation, sea, recreation, games, entertainment, new acquaintances - all promised us the camp shifts. Parents can with peace of mind and a clear conscience, continue to work, knowing that their children are under the supervision of experienced teachers. Many believe that now everything has changed. Modern moms and dads are in no hurry to send their kids to the children's camp. Themselves camps, especially around Moscow, have lost their attractiveness and feasibility of the availability of a family holiday abroad. Is it really? Their thoughts and memories of the holiday in the camp are divided into show business stars.

Royal dowry
Birth of first child - an event doubtless exceptional importance. By the next meeting with a tiny little man caring moms and dads always want to be prepared carefully. With what should I start? In seeking an answer to this difficult question is the heroine of our column Olga went to the children's boutique "Daniel". Here, a unique collection of all kinds of children's clothes and accessories that will make each day the crumbs into a real festival and help parents permanently store the most moving and important moments of the life of his child.

An indispensable assistant Xenia Novikova
Two children - a double happiness. But if the two child the same age, and even the boys, it's also the whole car trouble. Singer and actress Ksenia Novikova - wonderful people. It not only manages to raise two sons - and Bogdan Miron, but also preparing a new solo program, is actively involved in a variety of shooting and maintains the house warm, clean and tidy. On his "assistant" young mother happily told our readers.

Towards the summer sun
Summer, sun and the holidays - inseparable concepts together. The warmest time of year and would like to wait, without exception: both adults and children. When else can you enjoy an abundance of fruits and vegetables, swimming, trips with the whole family in the countryside or near the sea, the bright sun? However, if you want long-awaited summer has passed on hurray, you must prepare a sunscreen that not only protect the skin from sunburn and excessive UV exposure, but also align her tone, provide the necessary moisture and smooth out fine wrinkles.

Dissolved in a dream
In our time, when the work takes longer than we would like, everyone wants to be in a place where you can enjoy delicious food, karaoke, drink good wine, relax and spend time with family. Cafe "Dream" literally every detail contributes to this, because the architects managed to preserve the atmosphere of it the mansion of the XIX century and at the same time harmoniously complement its modern décor.

Why children do not obey?
  Difficult time when the hitherto docile child begins to do just about anything in defiance, can occur at any age. But before you grab the strap, sprinkle peas in a corner of the window and throw the TV to the computer, you should try to understand what caused such behavior denies. The problem may be more serious simple children's whims.

A story about one of the best family hotels in Turkey   - Lykia World Oludeniz

Charity: The Story of a family with six children
The main character of this material - mother Katya - came to shoot herself driving a mini-Vienna. As an assistant brought his mother Mary. Initially, we jumped out of the car nimble girls - 8-year-old Sasha and 6-year-old Sonia. They helped to get out, and then constantly patronized 2-year-old Misha. Well, my mother and grandmother Masha Kate "got" honorable duty to carry troynyu- 9-month-old Dennis, Matthew and Cyril. In general, the "landing" in the studio was a success.

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