Magazine "» № 4 -2011 on sale from March 24
 Yekaterina Volkova: moms in your life and in the movies. Pregnancy after IVF. Price motherhood. Disputes about vegetarianism. Weighty position. We treat headaches. Postpartum depression. Allergy during pregnancy. Life without sex. Emotions pregnant. Dairy Factory. Blood transfusion. Self-massage during labor. Recovery cycle. Hemangiomas. Dairy specialties. Godchildren and godparents. Once - the kid, two - the kid. What do you call a child. LIKA KREMER: Diet workaholic. Weighty position. Analyzing pregnancy. Calendar.

Yekaterina Volkova: Mom in your life and in the movies
The mysterious world of cinema and theater is always a certain mystique. No wonder most of the actors - people are superstitious. Many, for example, are convinced that the role played by them influence the fate, so do not always agree on certain screen transformation. What is it - to be a wife and mother, a popular actress Yekaterina Volkova fully recognized in the first set of the sitcom "Voronin".

 Magazine "» № 4 -2011 on sale from March 24
 Now this experience she gladly embodies in real life: last year she married Andrei Karpov professional dancer and soon in their family should appear firstborn.

Pregnancy after IVF
The main objective of the joint work of doctors-Reproduction and expectant parents is to achieve a pregnancy. And how nice to see happy eyes of a woman who came to a positive analysis of hCG (pregnancy certificate) and an ultrasound she sees fertilized egg in the uterus, and later - an embryo with a heartbeat. And he said to me: finally it happened!

The price of motherhood
Being a mom - a priceless gift. And the treasure is not accepted hang tags. All understand it, but very few people talking about how expensive cost us today our children. The child, put a dry office language - this is a serious project that requires considerable financial investments. And all these wild thousands vbuhali in diapers - just for a glass of water in his old age?

Disputes about vegetarianism
Some people come to vegetarianism knowingly, fully aware his actions. Other blindly follow fashion trends next. Others simply forced by the state to conduct such a health lifestyle.

Weighty position
Power expectant mother very much influences the child in her womb. Does this mean that the future mother must eat for two? In quantitative terms - no. Conversely, too rapid an increase in weight can cause problems.

We treat headache
What is the headache, many people know firsthand. However, not all perceive it seriously. More often take a couple of pills and a few minutes feel cheerful as before. However, to do so in expectation of the kid hardly reasonable.

Postpartum Depression
How often do we complain about depression, meaning that they became too tired, that the life of the paint faded, faded interest in what previously enjoyed. But the real depression - it's pretty severe mental illness, and the symptoms mentioned above - only a fraction of those that occur at a given ailment.

 Magazine "» № 4 -2011 on sale from March 24

Allergy during pregnancy
Over the past 20 years the number of pregnant women suffering from allergic reactions, increased by 6 times. The reasons are many - and a bad environment, and stress, and general ill health. And the pregnancy itself exacerbates allergic reactions in women who are predisposed to the disease, and even those who before conception never faced with this scourge.

Emotions pregnant
It is believed that a pregnant woman be forgiven: capricious, be scattered and lose the keys, wallets and cars, worrying over nothing, crying inappropriately, to torment her husband changeable mood. This chronic myth dispelled participants in our round table, students of the school for parents "New People".

 Magazine "» № 4 -2011 on sale from March 24
 Milk Factory
In the 3-5 th day after delivery to replace colostrum at a young mom comes milk. And around the same time she meets a breast pump. Typically, the first exposure takes place even in the hospital, and rightly so: before buying this item useful, it is necessary to "try" it for yourself and see which model will suit you exactly.

Self-massage during labor
Natural childbirth and suggest the most natural pain relief. And one of these non-drug methods is self-massage. It is convenient, efficient and very helpful, because beneficial effect not only on the body part involved in labor, but also on central nervous system in general.

Recovery cycle
In the body of a woman in connection with pregnancy and childbirth occur in a variety of physiological processes. In most cases, menstruation ceases after conception and after delivery cycle is restored immediately, but after a certain time.

Parents are very frightened when the handle or stem, on the head or on the tummy of a newborn child noticed a red spot. Once in the hospital, or a little later, in the children's clinic, they called the diagnosis - a "hemangioma". What is it, why there is and how to deal with it? Let's look at everything in order!

 Magazine "» № 4 -2011 on sale from March 24

Godchildren and godparents
At the tender age of the baby usually appears another set of parents - the godfather and mother. What role later in life crumbs must play its spiritual parents? By what criteria are selected and how to build a relationship with them godfathers? All this tells mum on Internet forums.

Once - the kid, two - the kid
So moms or envy: "That's great, quickly executed program! ", Or sympathize with," How do you cope with two such different? "However, this is no time to listen to women unnecessary advice and comments. They are engaged in a very important and difficult of all - raising children, same age.

What do you call a child
According to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, every child has the right to a name and a surname. With the name and patronymic - all clear where that comes from. But the choice of the name - exciting experience for parents in the next nine months. Sometimes they do not suffice. Then in store for another 30 days - no later than a month after the birth of a child must be registered in the registry offices.

Lika Kremer: Diet workaholic
To combine a successful career and motherhood can be! It is proved by science. The fact that women are more resistance to stress than men, they can do several things at once, and keep in mind thousands of disparate things. So why not use it a great advantage for their own benefit, and giving birth to babies without losing the possibility of realization in professional work?

All About Eve
We long to decide, whether to make public the story. But who to go to for advice, were unanimous: open discussion - the only way to stop dishonest people.

Analyzing pregnancy. Calendar.

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