New floral fragrance by Kenzo Flower Tag in June
 At Kenzo fragrances are so many fans and admirers. And this news primarily for them. In June, house Kenzo perfume will be released a new fragrance Flower Tag. It belongs to probably one of the most successful and popular line of fragrances brand - collection Kenzo Flower, which was launched back in 2000.

Aromas of Kenzo Flower Line featuring special femininity and recognizable form of vials in the form of slender curved cylinder. A new scent, according to the perfumers, should attract more young and urban audience.

Kenzo Flower Tag - is a sparkling floral-fruity composition created for the free, independent and adventurous young women. Opens aroma of juicy top notes of blackcurrant, tangerine and rhubarb. Notes of the "heart" - sensual and feminine: peony, jasmine, lily of the mountain. Notes of tea, musk and vanilla create a soft and warm "base" flavor.

Vials new fragrance bright red, decorated with popular graffiti. Odour Kenzo Flower Tag appears in June 2011, in the form of toilet water in quantities of 30, 50 and 100 ml.

 New floral fragrance by Kenzo Flower Tag in June

Author: Julia Gnedina