Over 12 thousand euros for the new Guerlain fragrances
 L'Abeille by Guerlain, or "bee of Gёrlan" how else it is called - is the new flavor of the famous fashion house, luxury, exclusive and very limited. A total of 47 vials and record high prices will be on sale.

Bee - a longtime and recognizable symbol of the House of Guerlain, she has appeared since the days when the founder of the House of Pierre Francois Pascal Gёrlan created a fragrance for Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III.

Smell the aroma - of course, floral, since bees love blooming gardens. Created smell Thierry Vassё. The basis of the composition notes of mimosa, green grapes, orange flower, jasmine, lily, orris root and honey.

The bottle is created in the form of a bee with crystal wings, decorated with real diamonds. The basic material used crystal Baccarat.

 Over 12 thousand euros for the new Guerlain fragrances

Total produced only 47 copies of the perfume, the volume of the bottle - 245 ml, and the price of each of 12 500 euros. The fragrance is likely to be interested, very loyal fans and collectors of the brand, so the sale is only in one place - the famous Maison Guerlain boutique in Paris (Champs Elysees, 68).

Author: Julia Gnedina