SYOSS MEN: male gaze on the professional hair care
 Brand SYOSS introduced a new line of means for hair care products designed specifically for men.

Beautiful well-groomed hair - an important part of the image of the modern man. Gone are the days when the stronger sex remembered about his own hair only every couple of months - when the necessity of going to the hairdresser became apparent ...

According to experts, the appearance - including the health of the hair! - 55% determines the impression that a person makes on others. And in the life of the man from the first impression often depends on many things - career development prospects of business meetings or even the success of a romantic date.

Brand SYOSS   continues to expand its range of products for beauty and health of hair. This time the focus of the brand - the needs of men. In spring 2011, presented SYOSS new product line SYOSS MEN, developed specifically for men, taking into account the structural features of their hair . Tools SYOSS MEN created in order to provide men "Salon result of" hair care products at home.

Men are inherent in a pragmatic approach to the selection of hair. The stronger sex does not attach particular importance to the design of the packaging of cosmetic products or flavor - they expect from "their" product solutions to specific problems.

According to a study M 'Index, 60% of Russian men describe their hair as normal, and the vast majority of these respondents buy shampoo for normal hair. 16% of men consider their hair greasy and care for them using a special shampoo for this type of hair.

Brand SYOSS shared desire of men to choose a truly effective means for the proper and effective hair care.

The line includes two SYOSS MEN shampoo designed for different types of hair:

 SYOSS MEN: male gaze on the professional hair care
Shampoo SYOSS MEN POWER & STRENGTH   designed for normal hair and is suitable for daily use. The product gently cleanses the hair and gives them the necessary care. Shampoo hair fills the vitality, energy and brilliance. The result is a professional approach - the natural beauty, the volume and density of hair.

 SYOSS MEN: male gaze on the professional hair care
Shampoo SYOSS MEN ANTI-GREASE CLEAN & FRESH   designed specifically for men's hair, prone to fat. To care for them SYOSS developed a special formula. New Shampoo gently cleanses oily hair and scalp. Application SYOSS MEN ANTI-GREASE CLEAN & FRESH give hair up to 48 hours of freshness, and the hair will be less likely to become fat.

Shampoos line SYOSS MEN are available in stylish gray bottle. New products will be available from March 2011.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila