The line of innovative deodorant Black & White from NIVEA
 Black and white - two colors that are always so popular because of its completeness. White - the color of peace and social cohesion - gives the image of lightness, transparency and purity. Black, on the contrary, is mysterious, it attracts and challenges. With different characters, black and white have a common drawback - on clothes these colors clearly visible traces of deodorant.

Knowing how prevalent this problem and urgent, Beiersdorf scientists have set themselves a challenge: to create a deodorant that provides reliable protection against odor and simultaneously discourages pre stains on light and dark things.

As a result of 7 years of work was created and patented unique technology invisible protection!

For the first time in the world in a single formula deodorant antiperspirant combine several unique properties:

- Provides powerful protection against sweat and odor on 48 hours
- Grants gentle care   sensitive underarm skin
- Leaves white spots   deodorant on dark clothing
- Prevents yellow spots   on light-colored clothing

The bright spot on the dark clothes   They are due to salt particles, which contain all the deodorants. Solution Laboratory NIVEA - the formula, wherein the salt is connected with the other ingredients to form a clear microemulsion, which leaves no residue on clothes.

Yellow stains on light-colored clothing   They appear and intensify over time and poorly removed by washing. This occurs because the dirt particles deodorant penetrate deep into the fabric fibers, deforming it. Solution NIVEA - developed in conjunction with the International Institute Hohenstein Textile patented technology that prevents deep penetration of dirt into the fibers of the fabric, preventing the formation of spots.

 The line of innovative deodorant Black & White from NIVEA

Prove the effectiveness of
The effectiveness of the formula proved in vivo tests   (Research in Germany, 2009), which involved men and women, divided into two groups. One novelty use "invisible protection" and the other - deodorant competing brands. Both groups used a deodorant with the same intensity and were in the same conditions. At the end of each day, the clothes worn by the participants especially for the test, be washed in the same conditions. The test lasted for 10 days. The color and texture changes in the tissue fixed electronic devices.
The test results confirmed that the new NIVEA deodorants more effectively protect the clothing from stains.

The test consumer preferences   held in April 2010 (C & U study, Germany / Italy / Brazil, April 2010) in several countries, and showed a record number of positive comments - about 80% of the participants, both among women and among men who expressed a desire to buy this product.

Compare fragrances appeal   It takes the form of a blind test (blind test, Germany, 2009). It was attended by news NIVEA deodorants and analogues main competitor. Studies have shown: the assessment of consumers, fragrances NIVEA twice attractive aroma main competitor.

The range is represented by two female and one male fragrances.

Author: Julia Gnedina