There were spirits, corresponding to blood groups
 Many will remember that there is the power supply system, which is developed individually and in accordance with the patient's blood group. And now such a novelty on the market of perfumes. Four bottle (corresponds to the four blood groups) released new Italian perfume house with discouraging called BLOOD (the blood).

Flavors will be presented to the public at the exhibition Esxence in Milan at the end of the month (from 31 March to 4 April 2011). The collection of new flavors - four odor

• Aroma O. Here are intertwined the following notes: thyme, raspberries, chypre nuances, rosehips, leather, birch, cedar, metal notes.

• Aroma A.   unisex scent, which includes notes of green garden, tomato leaves, basil, anise and metallic notes.

• Aroma B.   Unisex composition with the wood and spices: red apple, black cherry, tarragon, pepper, pomegranate, black tea, patchouli, teak wood, metal notes.

• Aroma AB.   Aldehyde odor unisex: aluminum, slate, pebbles, water motifs, cedar, metal notes.

 There were spirits, corresponding to blood groups

All flavors - in vials of 40 ml, with a pipette.

The founders of the new brand - Giovanni Castelli and Antonio Zudas. They gave answers to questions about the updates, and it turned out that the concept of blood smells not so terrible.

Tell us about yourself and how you got the idea of ​​flavors?
Giovanni - fashion designer, one of the founders of the brand Acqua di Stresa. Antonio - artist, he works in advertising as a copywriter and photographer. We both love perfume, fragrances, and always wanted to create something special in perfumery. Aromas BLOOD - this is the answer to floral smells, which all fed up.

How did you choose the music for songs to reflect the blood group?
Each flavor corresponds not only to a specific group of blood, but also a certain era in the history of mankind. About Aroma - the first group, the most ancient. The smell of it is selected for a deep, strong, reflecting the era of primitive people. Aroma A - This is the era when people began to eat vegetables and become more sensitive. The Fragrance - the spirit of the era of travel and new knowledge of the world. The youngest group of blood - the fourth symbolizes the era of cosmopolitanism, a mixture of the two blood groups - A + B. This is our vision of such boring things as blood group, and you can not choose your blood type and your age.

Each flavor among the base notes - metal.
Yes, because the smell is very close to this smell of blood.

Therefore, the dropper bottle?
Quite true. Drop - a symbol of the blood. Furthermore, flavor droplets at the neck is enough to disclose fragrance.

Who among perfumers helped you?
We have long perfumers choose between Italian and French, but in the end settled on Perfumes from France (the company Apf France). They are able to make an innovative, bold and unexpected scent. As a result, we have four unique flavor with a strong charisma!

There are 4 blood groups, will no longer novelties?
The collection BLOOD will be much more flavors.

Author: Julia Gnedina