Christy Turlington invited to promote the new fragrance from Avon
 My favorite Russian women Avon brand will launch a new fragrance «Slip Into». The face of the fragrance is selected Christy Turlington, the famous model of the cage 90 supermodels. Now Kristi already the mother of two children, but that does not stop her to advertise one of the sexiest perfume novelties.

Christy Turlington know how easy it is to become sexual. This is - a couple of drops of a seductive perfume and, of course, high heels.

But in real life, among other things, Christie more than modest. All her worries right now are related to family and children. Eldest daughter Grace seven years, four son Finn. In everyday life, supermodel rarely walks on his heels, she admits this to journalists. House walks barefoot or in shale or tennis shoes. "I'm not one of those moms who wear studs as soon as the children go to school," - he said in an interview with Christy WWD.

However, heels still wears the star, but on special occasions. And then - this is also the special model. Among her favorite - studs from Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Balenciaga and Givenchy. I wear them if I want to cheer yourself up and feeling svobstvennogo dignity - says Turlington. It "works" as well as flavor. One minute you can achieve transformation.

 Christy Turlington invited to promote the new fragrance from Avon

As for the flavor, which happened to advertise charming Christie - a perfect smell to demonstrate impeccable style and taste. East flower arrangement includes sweet notes of freesia, blackberry, violet leaves, in the heart of the - orchid, violet and rosewood, and the base - golden amber, orris root and cashmere wood.

Smell «Slip Into» will appear in Europe in January, and then will make his debut in Latin America in March 2011 and in the US in October 2011, will be a special version of the fragrance - Step Into Sexy. It is planned that the smell will be the main for the next holiday season. The fragrance will be available in a concentration Eau De Parfum.

Author: Julia Gnedina