ISOTONER released ECO slippers
 In October 2010, ISOTONER release for sale on the Russian market a unique new product - ECO Ballerina from recycled material. Manufacturability slippers are based on its own development and research ISOTONER already enjoyed in Europe in great demand.

"Know-how" of the brand is made up of recycled material as much as 80%. Upper and lining made of polyester yarns made from recycled materials. The insole is made of raw materials consisting of 80% viscose and 20% bamboo polyester sole - of an elastic rubber.

Recall that the viscose bamboo - house development ISOTONER. The fabric is made of bamboo, which is a natural deodorant. As compared with cotton, he "air" and better pass moisture and air, so the slippers from viscose bamboo legs feel comfortable.

Caring for ECO Ballerina as easy as any other model of slippers ISOTONER. To slippers do not lose your view of them enough to wash once a month on careful operation at 30 ° C.

 ISOTONER released ECO slippers

For the Russian market in this new wonder, and in Europe, the goods from recycled material no longer surprising. Europeans are well aware that the conservation of nature has become one of the most important areas for the global community. Moreover, despite the expensive production cost ECO slipper does not differ from conventional models.

Company Totes »ISOTONER   - One of the world's largest manufacturers of accessories and ISOTONER - one of the most famous trademarks in the United States and Europe. ISOTONER company was founded in 1880 in the town of Saint-Martin Valmer, France. In 1997, it signed a merger agreement with a leading US company Totes, specializing in the manufacture of umbrellas and other accessories for the weather. Today, in Europe only Totes »ISOTONER works with more than 7,500 partners. In Totes »ISOTONER worldwide employs more than 1,000 employees.

Author: Julia Gnedina