Monica Bellucci: a new round of sexuality in 46
 Monica Bellucci by example argues that sexual and desirable, it will always be. At least, over the years, this 46-year-old Italian only prettier.

Once again I confirmed this when she appeared on the cover of the November issue of the Australian edition of men's Men's Style seductive in a red bathing suit.

Is Photoshop is not needed? - Asks us. No information about this and did not find. It seems that all natural.

This is not just a luxury 46-year-old woman, Monica - mother of two children. Hard to believe, but the second she gave birth just five months ago ... Mm-m, no words! And even harder to believe that this actress has a good shape without any exercise in the fitness room. For questions about this journalist Monica always says the same thing: "Get up at 5 am and rush to the gym, and then go back at six o'clock? Impossible! This is unacceptable for my lifestyle! I have a completely different life! ".

She never revealed the secret of her enviable figure. Saying only that it is not immediately decided to red, still prefer life in the black, "it is so practical! ".

 Monica Bellucci: a new round of sexuality in 46

Author: Julia Gnedina