Plan your schedule and meeting with DIM!
 Autumn - meetings with old friends and new romantic dating. Time memories of last summer and visits by yellowing treetops. The time when the famous French brand of lingerie DIM ¬ędisguises" showcases its branded stores and distributes gifts - the end of October DIM out an action Campus promo.

The peculiarity of the action that you can not lose it! To get a gift -Stylish and convenient daily, enough to make a purchase at any store DIM on the three thousand rubles. The campaign will last until October 30.

In addition to the line of Campus gave the name to the action, a new collection of lingerie and clothing Country Shic already enrolled in company stores DIM, were:
- Home clothing line: Casual Cotton, Friendly, Fit Feminine.
- Tights and stockings: Sublim, Diam's, Teint de Soileil, Eden Dim, Mode de Dim.
- Men's underwear line: Signatures, Dinamix, Ension.

 Plan your schedule and meeting with DIM!

But most attention is paid, of course, the classic and everyday youth underwear for women:
- DIM Fit - ideally sitting, invisible underwear;
- Cotton Fit - cotton underwear, making a beautiful chest and rounded;
- Body Touch - a molded bra with padded breast enlargement and creating a luxurious hollows. The line is available in several color and texture decisions;
- Pyjama Party - an attractive and feminine style, combined with trendy colors and prints;
- Osmose Glam - the first bra that supports without hard bones and increases the breast;
- Generous - lingerie line, providing ideal support and comfort for large breasts;
- Tye & Dye - a combination of cotton and elastane.

 Plan your schedule and meeting with DIM!

The new daily will help you not to forget about the upcoming date and underwear DIM will make it unforgettable!

Author: Julia Gnedina