Seven reasons to start Christmas shopping today
 As a rule, most of us are starting to buy gifts for the New Year at the last moment. Even vitiriny, dressed up for the New Year in November, did not convince us to start Christmas shopping hoch little earlier than December 30. But what if this year to change their rules? We have found at least seven reasons for this.

Reason №1. No impact on the budget.   If you stretch spending a few weeks, it will not be so fatal to your wallet. After all, if you will spend on small gifts for 1,000 rubles each week, then, you see, psychologically it is much easier than to spend thousands just 10-15 for New Year's week and really "hit" on family or personal budget.

Reason №2. Big choice.   Now you can catch in the stores is much larger selection than in the days of pre-Christmas rush. Remember what is on the shelves of the 30th of December.

Reason №3. More time to think about gifts.   Yes, now you can weigh everything, plan, and do not run to buy a box of chocolates banal and champagne for his beloved colleagues.

Reason №4. No stress.   Attention!! And so you have to plan before the New Year holiday table, Christmas outfit, holiday scenario. Why burden yourself with more excess stress that inevitably comes because of fear of missing something or something to forget.

Reason №5. Savings. Yes, there are many things that we traditionally bought as gifts, are cheaper! This champagne, and cards and blankets, gloves, hats ... Save both time and money!

Reason №6. Time to find the right thing.   Even if you are looking for a very rare collector's item, or you can find it, you do not worry, if you start your search now.

Reason №7. You will be able to please everyone.   Each of your friends and family deserves an individual approach. To start thinking about what to give them, now we have a chance to please everyone and make them the most memorable New Year.

Good luck in the New Year shopping !

Author: Julia Gnedina