The new wedding flavor
 Wedding season is in full swing (and not only the king), and can, so it is a lot of news about the wedding updates and trends. One of the wedding fashion guru Vera Wang launches a new fragrance by June. Get inspired by incomparable advertising image of smell!

Brand Vera Wang was named among the contenders for the design of the dress Princess Kate Middleton. But, of course, the British could not choose the American fashion designer for such a sign of the national holiday as the wedding of Prince William. Therefore, the choice fell on the British House of McQueen and designer Sarah Burton.

However, the merits of Vera Wang in wedding fashion that does not detract. It's still the hottest wedding fashion, and not only for celebrities, but also for ordinary Americans, because it created a special collection of wedding dresses available for $ 500.

Vera Wang went far beyond simple board design, it offers its clients the whole way, one of which touches - wedding flavor. And now, it is expected by June next flavorful new product - the smell Lovestruck.

The fragrance is announced as a light, floral, youth, and at the same time classic. His story - this, of course, the story of two loving people, modern Romeo and Juliet.

 The new wedding flavor
Vera Wang, and the heroine of the new fragrance Leighton Meester

Already created advertising images (video and print), the plot of which is based on the world's most famous love story told by Shakespeare. In the role of a modern Juliet - Leighton Meester, star of TV series «Gossip Girl», Romeo and instructed to play Tommy Dunn, famous male model.

 The new wedding flavor

The bottle is decorated with bright flowers and ribbons that recalls the aroma of holiday destination.

 The new wedding flavor

Author: Julia Gnedina