Versace is preparing to release a new fragrance
 The world-renowned luxury brand Versace announces a new fragrance for women called Vanitas. We know that this will be the most expensive scent marks, and will be released no earlier than 2012.

While we have some details, so expect a more detailed description in the next month. But a few words about the smell we can say.

The idea of ​​the flavor: This high fashion - in a bottle of perfume Vanitas by Versace.

The fragrance is based on the notes of lime, freesia, Tonka bean, tiaras, cedar. Author - perfumer Dora Baghriche Arnaud.

Fragrance expected as Eau de Parfum, in bottles of 30, 50 and 100 ml. For the smallest bottle will need to pay more than 75 dollars.

Facing the smell became a 16-year-old model Lindsay Uikson (she was born April 11, 1994 in Kansas), and it is called the personification of a new wave of the American top model.

 Versace is preparing to release a new fragrance

Author: Julia Gnedina