Why is it important to do the test allergic skin reaction to a new cosmetic product
 A recent case, which occurred with 19-year-old Briton, forced again and again to turn to the subject of mandatory testing for allergic reaction of the skin when you start to use the new cosmetics. The news about a young girl many frightened: she nearly died from a mere hair dye.

Rachel Dawley, so call the poor, she came to the hospital with a terrible view, one eye blackened, swollen face, the skin is pulled in some places, like a burn. And with every minute of it getting worse. Doctors immediately put on a drip, girl stabbed steroids, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs used and hydrocortisone ointment. More pain. She survived, but doctors were not a little frightened. It turns out that all of this was the reaction of the patient to use a conventional hair dyes for household use (Garnier Herbashine), which Rachel had bought in the store. The next day, after the application of the paint, the state has deteriorated sharply. Doctors later said it was the worst of reactions to cosmetics, which they have ever seen.

It took a month to the swelling on his face faded away, but the main concern of doctors is repeated application of paint. They warn that if Rachel will try to repeat his experiments, that her body can respond to fatal anaphylactic shock, which sometimes happens in people who are allergic to bee stings.

Rachel herself says that allergic reactions she visited before, but not so strong. The first time she saw allergic to dyes, when done on holiday on the Greek island of Corfu henna tattoo. After that allergies have become more pronounced. And when bought a new hair color, make sure you did a little test for allergies. After 46 hours the test showed no reaction, so Rachel decided that this color suits her.

Specialists staining once commented on this fact. Vice-President of L'Oréa US Julia Youssef said that the main mistake most women - they can not wait to try the new medium, and they are not required waiting 48 hours, during which testing is recommended. Such was the case with Rachel. Another mistake is that if women have already tried some paint once, consider that when re-staining test should not be carried out. But it is not. The third mistake - women often ignore instructions that tell how to do an allergy test.

And one more fact about modern hair dyes. Even such as Garnier and L'Oreal, the new generation do not contain ammonia, may be particularly sensitive for some women are not safe. The current generation of paint contains a component Paraphenylenediamine (PPD), which can cause very severe allergic reactions in people with a rare skin sensitivity.

A test paint is best on the skin behind the ear. The fact that there is a skin of the same properties as the entire head. Then, it is unobtrusive place, but in contact with the hair. And if you are feeling during the test, itching, burning, redness, rinse immediately with plenty of soap and do not risk, do not use this product.

Author: Julia Gnedina