How to teach the family to eat properly
 You have decided to change the diet. Include foods rich in vitamins, trace elements, minerals. There is less fat, drink plenty of fluids ... The rules are simple, and has been written about them a lot. But the question is: your husband and children are accustomed to other foods. That has delayed proper nutrition for later.

But maybe there are ways to teach the whole family to eat healthy food? We think so. Here are our suggestions:

1. Be creative.   Surprise your household. Then they will be increasingly focused on the unusual new dishes than that from which they are cooked. Let it be unusual sushi, vegetables and chicken, some interesting rolls stuffed with vegetables and so on. The fish is usually not very fond of children, as well as men. There is also need imagination. Not just a piece of fish, but with an interesting sauce or fish baked in an unusual way (in a bag or foil). This allows domestic and pleasure, and create a menu to which you aspire.

2. longer have to cook myself.   This is the only way to fully control the intake of fat and calories. This, of course, take more time, but the home will be delighted! Kids always like homemade cookies, including the cooking process. And men love wafting from the kitchen smells. Homemade bread (from the bread machine) smells wonderfully, so no one will notice that the bread from wheat flour and bran, and that had to give up white bread.

3. The gradual transition to home versions of purchased products.   We are talking about such as juice, cottage cheese, french fries. Pets will not notice much of a difference because they are accustomed to the juices from the supermarket. Invest in a good juicer, and offer home-made juices, they will definitely be without dyes or preservatives. Also other customary purchase-products. Replace them at home.

4. Walk to the grocery store with your family. Let the children and her husband see what foods you choose, explain to them why you are buying these products. It's a great teaching moment. In the future you will worry about the health of children, because they learned how to choose healthy foods.

5. Be a good example.   Do not sigh, again waive cakes. On the contrary, you say how good you have been to feel, say lost weight, sleep better, and so on. Then, looking at you, and everyone joins in this new diet.

6. Do not change the menu at once.   It is also very important for success. People do not like drastic changes, this stress, no one wants to give up the habits and established rules. Therefore manifest wisdom and patience, and make some changes supply strategy. Perform at least one item of the above per month - that's enough.

Author: Julia Gnedina