Acne Prevention
 Do you agree with the fact that the skin - is a reflection of our health, the status of the internal organs, our emotional and physical condition? Shining clean skin with an attractive blush indicates good health and mental balance, is not it? And if the skin is dull, irritated and acne - is not an indicator of some internal illness?

Therefore, acne - often skin reaction processes occurring within the body. Therefore, it is important to follow the diet, the quality of which immediately affects the skin. Here are some recommendations for the prevention of acne:

- Reduce the consumption of too much sugar. A large number of sugar leads to breaks bonds collagen in the skin, as a result there is not only wrinkles, it may become a cause of acne and irritations. After covering the skin gradually destroyed.

- Good fats are essential! They are involved in the construction of cell connections and hormones. Insufficient intake of healthy fats leads to acne, eczema and excessive dryness of the skin. How to take these healthy fats: walnut oil, sea RBA, flaxseed oil, nuts, fish oil.

- Follow a balanced diet, which will have all the following components: minerals, vitamins, proteins, fats.

- Use cosmetic products tested grades, with the highest-natural ingredients. Do not go around doing the folk remedies that will relieve you of a large number of chemicals and preservatives.

Author: Julia Gnedina