Five products significantly facilitate the symptoms of PMS
 Some women suffer from these symptoms moderately, from time to time. But there are those who have a history of PMS takes almost a lifetime. It's terrible, and often can change a life, mood, prevent career and personal life. Help yourself, do not ignore the ICP. Here is our selection of short - a 5 foods that can reduce the severity of PMS.

1. magnesium-containing products. From 1 to 5 day cycle   the body needs a lot of magnesium. This helps stabilize the nerves and keep emotions. You'll feel much calmer. The large amount of magnesium contained in walnuts, spinach, in salmon and whole grains.

2. Fruits and vegetables. Between 6 and 13 days   Cycle your hormone levels rise, so the voltage drops. During this period, the maximum you can saturate the body with vitamins that strengthen the body in general.

3. Seafood eat between 14 and 17 days of the cycle.   In general, place a bet on these days for products for gourmets. Crabs, lobsters, good cheese and wine - these days you need food fun. You can at this time to enjoy the emotions and feelings, so you can and meat.

4. Foods rich in fiber,   We need mandatory from 18 to 23 minutes a day . The level of progesterone reaches a maximum, it slows down the rectum. Help your digestion, add to the diet of brown rice, barley, fibrous vegetables. This will help prevent constipation and blisters characteristic of this period. A day less fat.

5. calorie and protein foods in the final days of the cycle (24 po28) recommended , It may very well help. Blood sugar is now low, so raise its level, combining protein and carbohydrates, this will ensure rapid and steady rise. Ice cream these days - a great treat, it is not only serotonin but also calcium, much needed during PMS.

Author: Julia Gnedina