Jean Paul Gaultier continues to play with her perfume Classique
 New experiments with flavor concern not only the composition but also to the vial. The already recognizable millions of fashionistas all over the world, and now the bottle is particularly precious. The new version of smell is called Classique Charm Edition 2010.

At the top of the vial becomes clear, prosvechivaya shiny golden liquid. Bottom - plating, silver plating. Decorated with silver mini necklace, which can be removed if desired. But the silhouette of the famous silhouette of perfume Gaultier as dummy was, of course, the same.

Perfume is a new smell for women Classique Charm Edition 2010 includes a light rose, fresh anise, ginger, orange blossom. Delicate powdery notes woven into a "base" with vanilla, creating a special sensuality and softness sensations.

Fragrance Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Charm Edition 2010 will be available for fans from October 2010 special limited edition, scented water in a bottle of 100 ml.

Author: Julia Gnedina