How to cope with the pre-New Year fever?
 With children looking forward to the Christmas holidays, we try for the remaining time to alter a number of cases that run the risk of simply overstrain overload. Maybe try to organize your life so that the month of December was not labor feats and joyful anticipation?

1. plans.   In order to effectively deal with all the cases scheduled for the beginning of their worth recording. It is better to create a list of three: in the first case to designate the workers, in the second - home, in the third - to think about buying gifts. Once the lists are created, it is advisable to look at them with a critical eye and to strike at least half. If you set yourself a task, there is always something that can wait for later. It is better to do it all in advance to pre-holiday to resolve all problems left enough time.

2. Share fraternally.   Once the lists are worth more time to inspect them carefully and think about the fact that the maximum possible number of points delegate to subordinates and family members. It's time to give up the outdated truth that "the husband should help with the housework" - he must participate in it on equal terms! And the staff is the time to learn to take full responsibility for their work, then the next year they will have a distinct prospects for career advancement. Usually it is enough just to hint at such a possibility, and begins an incredible round business activity.

3. finds tranquility.   Plans - employment is very useful, but complex. In order to cope with it, you need to have a clear head and nerves of steel. A stress which drives us to New Year's fever does not always give an opportunity to talk sensibly. Therefore, it makes sense to keep on hand a natural sedative, which as Persia, is suitable for active people, because it does not reduce the concentration of attention and does not cause daytime sleepiness. This makes it possible to create a real practical plan that can become a real guide to action.

4. Create a festive mood. Actively engage in the New Year chores, preferably with a good mood. Then, success in business is guaranteed. New Year's Eve we strongly associated with citrus aromas. This can be used to maintain the festive mood. It is very easy: just drop in aromalampu couple drops of lemon or grapefruit oil, and a homely atmosphere immediately transformed. And in order to recharge your excellent mood in the morning, you can use the new scrub daily "Morning Energy" from Clean & Clear with citrus aroma. It not only gently cleanse the skin, but also to give a charge of vivacity for the incredibly vibrant and dynamic day.

5. Eat right.   In the holidays in any case we must not forget about the food - it also has a considerable influence on the mood. To cope with the pre-New Year fever is desirable to introduce more anti-stress diet products. It is, first of all fresh fruits and vegetables - they saturate your body with vitamins. Especially the body needs vitamin C is now (its a lot of citrus and black currant), it prevents the formation of hormones that cause stress. It is worth paying attention to seafood, they have a lot of iodine, necessary for the efficient operation of the brain. It will be the way and bitter chocolate, it promotes the production of serotonin, which is often called "the hormone of joy."

With these five simple steps to correct the organization pre-New Year rush, you are surprised to find that the process of preparing for the holiday with the right approach can deliver real pleasure!

Author: Julia Gnedina