Aqualual - spray to the face on the basis of melt water from Tibet!
 Beauticians are well aware of the value of natural glacial water - water produced naturally in the melting of glaciers in Tibet, the Alps, the Caucasus Mountains. It is used as the basis for a series of exclusive cosmetics. It is worth it is extremely expensive and is used in professional clinics. Glacial water in a spray soothes, tones and refreshes and helps to combat excessive oiliness of the skin. It contains an optimal level of PH, enriched with potassium, calcium, magnesium and other minerals.

After applying the melt water skin on the face and the body becomes elastic, soft, gentle, velvety. Smooth wrinkles, the face becomes a living natural color and also tones the skin, keeps the skin's natural moisture, has a bio-stimulating effect on the skin.

 Aqualual - spray to the face on the basis of melt water from Tibet!

Application:   It should be applied to the skin of the face and body by spraying. Experts recommend the use of means after applying the cream morning and evening. This should be done after Conservative cosmetic procedures to secure the effect of the procedure after invasive cosmetic procedures. It is necessary to pay attention to the precautions when spraying to avoid direct eye contact.

Manufacturer means - Institute Hyalual Switzerland - the first high-tech institution that specializes in the prevention and prevention of aging, rejuvenation, anti-age therapy, correction and restoration of the skin. The official representative of TM Hyalual in Russia LLC "RedermaSviss."

400 rubles. (50 ml)
700 rubles. (150 ml)

Author: Anna Shustrova