Hyalual WOW Mask - professional care at home
 Hyalual - this is the first high-tech institution that specializes in the prevention and prevention of aging, rejuvenation, anti-age-treatment, correction and restoration of the skin. Preparations Hyalual have unique properties of rejuvenation and restoration of the skin of the face and body, prevent not only symptoms but also the cause of skin aging. Action products based on a patented formula, based on hyaluronic acid and succinic acid.

One of the most popular means of brand - Collagen Mask "Gialual WOW Mask" with RMCP-complex. The mask is designed using innovative transdermal cosmetic delivery, whereby the active ingredients "wake up" of the body temperature. As part of the RMCP-complex - extracts alpiyskoy rose shveytsarskoy wild apple, chamomile and purslane. The mask gives instant results.

Rapid recovery of facial skin: lifting, a powerful moisturizing, smoothing skin structure, improve elasticity, eliminate facial wrinkles, lighting, protection from UV damage.

 Hyalual WOW Mask - professional care at home

Application:   The mask is applied to clean, dry face. If possible, leave it on all night. Keep it on the face of at least 1-1, 5 hours (although the packaging indicated only 15-20 minutes). The skin must be completely "eat" collagen. And the person you remove only the net-cage, the rest of the mask.

Hyalual WOW Mask   It is a professional procedure at home. The mask was designed specifically for beauticians, to improve the quality of procedures and reverse the undesirable effects.

 Hyalual WOW Mask - professional care at home

Price: 5200 rubles. 5 pieces per package.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova